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San Diego Boat Cruises - About

At San Diego Boat Cruises, we know these waters.  We’ve been in business for over 20 years.  It brings us immense joy to share our love of boating with the world.  Since its inception we have offered whale watching and trips to Catalina island to both tourists and San Diego residents.  We’ve never had an unsatisfied customer.  Don’t let an equilibrium imbalance get in the way of enjoying the open waters.  We offer pressure point wrist bands to keep sea sickness at bay.  Booze cruises, private charters and yacht parties have been the keys to our success.  To simplify matters, we offer package deals that allow you to focus on having a good time while saving money.  We won’t nickel and dime you with unnecessary add-ons.

One of the things that makes this experience so memorable is the ability to tailor your event exactly how you want it.  No two individuals are alike.  Every person on the planet has a different palette and comea on board with diverse experiences.  By working with our project manager, you can customize your event to your specific tastes.  Birthday and anniversary parties are unforgettable with San Diego Boat Cruises.  We’d be happy to host your bachelor and bachelorette parties.  A corporate event hosted on one of our 10 yachts will remain indelibly in the minds of potential partners and clients.  Our legendary booze cruise is highly regarded, but if you’d like a more elevated experience, let us know.