Party Cruise San Diego

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San Diego Boat Cruises offers the complete yacht experience.  Start your party on the yacht, then journey into the sea for fun and adventure.  Anchor & swim parties are one of the most popular parties that we host.  During the warmer months, we anchor the yacht and throw an adult size, multi-person floatation device into the ocean that everyone can enjoy.  Lay back, relax and sip one - or two or three.  BYOB, hire a mixologist or enjoy an open bar of wine, liquor, champagne and beer.  Whether it’s a birthday, dinner, corporate or bachelorette party, we’ve got you covered.

Birthday Parties

You’ve experienced another rotation around the sun.  Don’t let this year pass you by without celebrating your life.  You have experienced all that life has to offer in one form or another.  It’s time to live it up!  Raise the vibration to attract more goodness into your world.  Celebrate with your besties, day 1s, family and favorite colleagues.  San Diego Boat Cruises offers customizable birthday parties.  Every detail from the music, to the food and beverages can be arranged.  Our parties are for everyone.  You may have seen booze cruises advertised on local television.  Mature and sophisticated birthday parties can be organized for those with discriminating tastes.

Intimate Dinner Parties

If you love to get people together for sumptuous meals that ignite the palette, consider an intimate dinner party on one of our yachts.  There’s no pre and post clean up involved.  Have a conversation with our project manager.  Convey your vision in detail.  She will ensure that everything is executed to a T.  The mood can be set using your playlist or we can customize one for you.  Wine and cocktails specially curated to complement the menu will be served.  Ample seating for all your guests is available.  Get high from the moon and savory food.

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

Modern couples are opting for co-ed bachelor & bachelorette parties.  Rather than risking it all in one night, they are deciding to play it safe by bringing the bride & groom together for an evening of decadence.  There is room for everyone.  We have yachts that can accommodate up to 130 occupants.  The captain will allow guests to steer the vessel.  We’ll hire a photographer to capture your most memorable moments.  We recommend an open bar with a pre-set menu.  Guests can enjoy small noshes or a 3 course meal.  Toast the night away with almond champagne and Cava.

Corporate Parties

If you own or manage a business, consider hosting your next networking event on a yacht.  The great thing about doing business on a floating vessel is the captive audience.  It’s unexpected and out of the ordinary.  Most companies rent out a hall or restaurant for holiday parties.  Surprise your team with a sunset cruise and midnight cap around the San Diego Bay.  It’s something they will remember for years to come.  We can’t think of a better way to reward your staff and show gratitude.  A dedicated project manager can collaborate with your talent coordinator to sort out all the details.