Private Charters

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One of the best ways to express that you care and value an individual is by planning an experience that you know they will enjoy.  San Diego Boat Cruises allows you to express your love and appreciation to those that matter the most.  Take the woman you love on a weekend cruise to Catalina island.  When you can’t figure out what to get Dad this year, consider a fishing charter.  If you’re filming a music video or shooting a commercial, we’d love to have you.  Lots of companies rent out restaurants and event spaces for holiday parties.  Not many think outside the box and charter a yacht.  For more information about private charters, contact us today.

Private Fishing Charter

People all over the world are drawn toward the beauty and relaxed vibe of San Diego.  Known as America’s finest city, we are fortunate to be nestled next to the great Pacific Ocean.  Cold salt water, warm weather and a fast yacht are the perfect ingredients for an unforgettable fishing trip.  For the man that seems to have everything, consider a private fishing charter.  He already has enough ties and socks.  This will be completely unexpected and will express that you’re paying attention.  We often give gifts that we want others to have.  Try giving the gift that he didn’t know he wanted but will actually enjoy.

Catalina Charters

Catalina island is right off the coast of southern California and is beckoning you to join her.  It’s the perfect romantic experience.  Plan a trip over the weekend.  We will stock the vessel with plenty of food and drinks.  If you’d prefer a private chef, we can arrange that for you.  Stay in the moment and focus on the experience, while we handle the tiny details.  Have you been working a lot and feeling like your family is disconnected?  Spend some time with your spouse and children by booking a private charter to Catalina Island.  Our yachts are large enough to give everyone space yet small enough to promote connection.

Media Events

The effortlessly breezy lifestyle on the ocean is what everyone wants.  There’s a great deal of work behind the scenes – but no one has to know.  Are you thinking of shooting a video?  Choose the sun, sea and bigger than life yacht as your backdrop.  No need for a green screen.  Take advantage of our amazing sound systems.  San Diego Boat Cruises has participated in several commercials.  Captivating yachts, deep blue water and warm sunlight illustrates the dream that most people can only dream of.  Use it to your advantage to sell your product successfully.  Let us know what you have in mind, and we’ll make it happen.

Corporate Charters

Make this year’s holiday party one for the books!  Your team has worked hard and smashed goals.  We can’t think of a better way to express your appreciation than by rewarding them with a cruise.  Picture this:  sunset + open bar + DJ + catered food + gentle waves lapping = an awesome holiday party!  In the past, some businesses have chartered yachts to introduce potential partners to new products or services.  Look at it this way, you have a captive audience.  They can’t leave until the yacht docks.  Let us take care of the entertainment, beverages and food, while you handle business.