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Don’t wait until your birthday to celebrate life.  Be thankful for your health, family and career.  Get your best people together for the time of their lives.  These days everyone wants to turn up at the club.  But when your feet are hurting and your 30+ year old self wants to take a break, there’s no where to sit unless you bought a table.  For the price of a table, you and your crew can enjoy the yacht life without the long lines and unnecessary bar aggression.  Imagine a cocktail menu created just for you with a personal bartender.  We offer all this and more at San Diego Boat Cruises.


At San Diego Boat Cruises, we have a variety of beverage options.  Although we are well known for booze cruises, fresh juices and smoothies are also available.  Being located so close to Mexico, we have access to a variety of seasonal fruit and veggies to rejuvenate your body.  Select a package with an open bar for wedding receptions, bachelor and bachelorette parties.  San Diego is home to a number of micro breweries.  We support the local economy by stocking craft beer from San Diego breweries.  If you prefer a more elevated experience, champagne, Cava and sparkling wine is available.

Fleet Size

We value quality over quantity.  Some of our competitors boast that they have over 20 boats in their fleet.  However, they are unable to offer a personal touch due to the sheer size of their business.  At San Diego Boat Cruises, we have 10 boats in our fleet.  We are able to present a completely customizable package.  The luxury is in the details.  Our guests embark apprehensive and disembark with smiles on their faces.  Take a peep at our 5-star reviews and discover for yourself.  Each yacht possesses different features and amenities.  You are bound to find something you like.


It may ease your mind to know that we are coast guard certified.  This means that our vessels are capable of withstanding tumultuous seas.  Each yacht is up to code.  Each captain on our crew is more than qualified to guide you through the Bay and out into the ocean.  We operate within the confines of California law.  Our company possesses a long standing liquor license to provide guests with much needed libation.  Our yachts are safe and our pilots can be trusted to take you and your loved ones on a paradigm shifting journey in San Diego.  For more information about specific qualifications, we’d be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Sound System

What’s a party without a booming system?  We make sure that each yacht within the fleet is equipped with a 500-watt sound system.  Music is transformative in every way.  We use music to set the mood and get the party started.  Get carried away and hire a DJ for your next party.  DJs are always extremely impressed with our system.  They are welcome to contact us for information regarding equipment specs.  If you’d like to create something a bit low key and intimate, BYOM – bring your own music.  Our sound system has blue tooth capabilities and can sync to your mobile device.